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How to Treat Eclampsia in Pregnancy

Eclampsia is a serious complication of preeclampsia which is a condition that can endanger pregnant women because it causes pregnant women to experience convulsions and lose consciousness. This condition is rare, but it should not be underestimated because if it is not immediately done how to treat eclampsia in pregnancy, it can endanger the lives of pregnant women and fetuses.

How to Treat Eclampsia in Pregnancy

Causes and Risk Factors of Eclampsia

Until now, the cause of preeclampsia and eclampsia in pregnant women is not known with certainty. However, there are several conditions that can increase the risk of eclampsia, including:

  • Placental disorders
  • Have a history of preeclampsia or eclampsia in a previous pregnancy
  • Malnutrition during pregnancy
  • Have certain diseases or medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disorders, obesity, and autoimmune diseases
  • Age of pregnant women less than 20 years or more than 35 years
  • Twin pregnancy or more

What Are Signs Of Eclampsia?

Before experiencing eclampsia, pregnant women initially experience preeclampsia first. Signs of preeclampsia are high blood pressure and protein is found in the urine. This condition can be without symptoms, it can also be accompanied by symptoms of nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, headache and visual impairment.

If not treated immediately, then preeclampsia can progress to eclampsia which can be dangerous. When pregnant women have suffered from eclampsia, they will experience signs and symptoms of preeclampsia plus the following symptoms:

  • Convulsions
  • Nervous
  • Confusion
  • Loss of consciousness or coma
  • Hard to breathe
  • Stomach pain
  • Dizziness and headache

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How to Manage Eclampsia in Pregnancy

What to do for eclampsia? If pregnant women experience symptoms of preeclampsia or eclampsia, then immediately go to a doctor or hospital emergency room for help. Eclampsia is an emergency condition in pregnant women that must be treated immediately.

If eclampsia is not treated immediately, this condition can be at high risk because it can cause several dangerous complications, namely:

  • Permanent brain damage
  • Stroke due to cerebral hemorrhage
  • Liver and kidney damage
  • Harm the fetus
  • Dead

What is the treatment of eclampsia? Treatment of eclampsia can be done by giving birth to a baby by caesarean section. However, before cesarean section, the doctor can give medicines to treat the symptoms of eclampsia and stabilize the condition of the pregnant woman.

Some of the medicines that may be given by a doctor to treat eclampsia include magnesium sulfate, anticonvulsants, blood pressure lowering, and corticosteroids. If the condition of eclampsia results in the pregnant woman not being able to breathe, then the doctor will provide breathing assistance through intubation.

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How to avoid eclampsia during pregnancy? Preeclampsia and eclampsia cannot be completely prevented. However, the risk of eclampsia can be reduced by checking the condition of the pregnancy to the obstetrician regularly. Thus, preeclampsia can be detected early so that it does not progress to eclampsia.

Thus the explanation that we can write about how to treat eclampsia in pregnancy, hopefully it can be useful.

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