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How to Treat a Ruptured Eardrum in a Child

Children are more susceptible to earache. Although sometimes caused by trivial things, ear pain in children is sometimes a sign of a more serious problem, such as a ruptured eardrum. A ruptured eardrum is a condition where there is a tear or a small hole in the eardrum, causing ear pain in children. This condition must be recognized as soon as possible so that it can be treated immediately. Then, how to treat a ruptured eardrum in a child?

How to Treat a Ruptured Eardrum in a Child

Before discussing more about how to treat a perforated eardrum in a child, we must first recognize the symptoms of a ruptured eardrum in children.

Symptoms of Burst Eardrum in Child

Usually, the main symptom of a ruptured eardrum in children is characterized by reduced hearing accompanied by a ringing sound in the ear.

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The signs of burst eardrum in child are generally characterized by the following:

  • Ear pain, mild to severe pain.
  • Discharge from the ear that can be clear, filled with pus or blood.
  • Hearing disorders.
  • Ears ringing.
  • Feeling dizzy or vertigo.
  • The facial muscles are weak, but this is rare.

Causes of Perforated Eardrum in Child

Children's eardrums are more sensitive than adults, so they are prone to rupture. Rupture of the eardrum in children does not just happen, but because there are several underlying causes. Some of the causes of ruptured eardrums in children include the following:

1. Ear infection

Ear infections are a common cause of ruptured eardrums, especially in children. When the ear becomes infected, fluid can build up behind the eardrum. The pressure due to the buildup of fluid can cause the eardrum to tear or rupture.

2. Pressure change

A drastic difference in air pressure inside and outside the ear (barotrauma) can cause the eardrum to burst. Changes in air pressure (barotrauma) can occur when a person dives, drives at high altitudes, or takes an airplane.

3. Injury

Injury to the ear can also cause the eardrum to burst. Injury to the ear can be caused by various things, for example being hit during sports activities, falling with ear support, hitting the side of the head hard, and due to small objects entering the ear.

4. Hearing a voice that is too loud

Hearing sounds that are too loud can also harm the eardrum and cause the eardrum to burst (acoustic trauma), although this is rare. Examples of sounds that are too loud, for example the sound of explosions or the sound of music that is too loud that exceeds the threshold for children's hearing.

How Do You Treat a Perforated Eardrum in a Child

Some cases of ruptured eardrums can sometimes heal on their own within a few weeks. But treatment is needed to relieve pain and prevent irritation. Therefore, you should take your child to an ENT specialist to get the right treatment. Some of the treatments that will be carried out by an ENT doctor include the following:

1. Antibiotics

If the eardrum ruptures due to a bacterial infection, then antibiotics can be given as a treatment solution. The purpose of giving antibiotics is to clear the infection and prevent the occurrence or development of new infections in the area of the torn eardrum. Antibiotics given can be in the form of pills or ear drops.

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2. Patching the eardrum

If the torn eardrum doesn't close on its own, the ENT doctor will patch the eardrum. The ENT doctor will apply certain chemicals to the edges of the tear to stimulate the growth of new membranes and close the torn eardrum by patching it with a synthetic membrane. This procedure may need to be repeated more than once until the hole is completely closed so that the ear can return to health.

3. Surgery

If the patch is not successful, the last resort is to perform tympanoplasty surgery. In performing this surgery, the ENT doctor will take tissue from other parts of the patient's body to patch the tear in the eardrum. After the surgical procedure is completed, the patient can go home on the same day, unless there are other reasons that require the patient to be hospitalized.

That's the explanation we can write about how to treat ruptured eardrum toddler or children. Hopefully the explanation that we have written above can be useful for all of us.

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