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How to Treat a Baby's Flat Head

The baby's flat head can occur when the baby is born or it can also be after the baby is born, with various causes. Although the shape of a flat head in a baby does not affect the development and function of the brain, a flat head can cause the baby's face shape to be asymmetrical. Then, how to treat a baby's flat head? Check out the explanation here.

How to Treat a Baby's Flat Head

Newborns have skull bones that are still very soft and flexible, so if there is pressure for a long time they can change shape. For example, a baby who lies in the same position for a long time can make the back of the head or one side of the baby's head that should be round turn into a flat.

Causes of Baby Flat Head

In general, flat baby heads can be divided into two types, namely plagiocephaly and brachycephaly.

  1. Plagiocephaly is a baby's head flat on one side so that the head looks asymmetrical. This condition can make the head look uneven when viewed from above and the position of the ears looks out of alignment.
  2. Branchycephaly is a baby's head being flat at the back of the head. This condition can make the baby's head appear widened so that sometimes the forehead appears to protrude forward.

There are several factors that can cause a baby's head to flatten, including:

1. Sleep on your back

The position of sleeping on your back is safer for babies. However, sleeping on your back for a long time for hours can cause the back of the baby's head to become flat.

2. Tension of neck muscles

Neck muscles that are too tense or stiff can also make the baby's head flat. Usually when neck muscles are tense or stiff, one side of the baby's head will get pressure more often than the other side.

3. Problems in the uterus

Apart from sleeping position, flat head in babies can also be caused by pressure on the baby's head while still in the womb due to lack of amniotic fluid or injury.

4. Born prematurely

Premature birth of a baby can also affect the shape of the baby's head. When a baby is born prematurely, usually the skull bones will be softer. Babies who are born prematurely tend to sleep on one side of the head because of their limitations in moving their heads or changing head positions.

5. Skull bone abnormalities

In rare cases, a baby's flat head can be caused by premature union of the bony plates of the skull (craniosynostosis). This condition can make the baby's head shape imperfect. If craniosynostosis in infants is not treated immediately, it can cause visual impairment and inhibit cognitive development.

How to Treat a Baby's Flat Head

How to treat a flat baby's head can be by doing the following things:

1. Changing the sleeping position of the baby

To prevent the baby's head from being flat, try to change the baby's sleeping position to the right or left side periodically. When you are watching the baby, you can position the baby on his stomach so that his head is not constantly under pressure. This is at the same time to train the baby on his own stomach. However, when the baby is on his stomach, you should always watch him.

2. Change the position of the baby's crib

Babies are usually interested in seeing objects such as windows or toys placed above their heads. Well, changing the position of the bed or the position of the toy that is placed above his head regularly or can encourage the baby's head to turn in a different direction. This of course can make both sides of the baby's head experience balanced pressure.

3. Vary the way you hold your baby

Making variations in holding the baby, for example in an oblique or upright position, can also reduce excessive pressure on one side of the baby's head.

4. Use a special headband

If the methods above still don't work, maybe using a special headband can be an option. The function of this headband is to put pressure on one side of the head and reduce pressure on the other.

Usually this method can be applied when the baby's skull bones are still soft, which is between the ages of 5-6 months with continuous use every day. However, not all doctors recommend this method, because there are no studies showing its effectiveness.

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Flat heads in babies are not dangerous, but can make the baby's face and head look asymmetrical. That's how to treat a baby's flat head, if the methods above still don't work, you can also consult this with a doctor to get the right treatment.

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