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How to Prevent Maskne

For some people who often use masks, there are those who experience problems with their facial skin, namely in the form of pimples, known as maskne. This maskne is acne that forms in areas covered by the mask, such as the nose, chin and lower cheeks. As with acne in general, this maskne can also interfere with appearance and leave annoying acne scars. Then, how to prevent maskne? Check out the explanation in this article.

How to Prevent Maskne

Causes of Maskne

Wearing a mask for a long time can make facial skin continue to rub against the mask. This can trigger irritation and inflammation of the skin, so that the skin can easily grow pimples.

In addition, when you breathe and talk while wearing a mask, you can trap hot air which makes your facial skin sweaty and moist. Conditions like this can be a good means for bacteria and germs to multiply.

Apart from the mask itself, using an inappropriate mask can also cause a maskne. Disposable masks that are used repeatedly or cloth masks that are washed carelessly can also be a place for bacteria and germs to grow.

So, the combination of irritation, inflammation, and various germs on the skin can cause various skin diseases, such as prickly heat, eczema, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, including acne!

How to Prevent Maskne

The appearance of maskne can cause discomfort and reduce self-confidence. So from that, it is necessary to do maskne prevention. The way to prevent maskne is to take facial skin care steps as follows:

1. Use masks wisely

If you wear a disposable mask, make sure you don't use it repeatedly. If you feel it is too damp, replace your mask. So, when you are doing activities outside the home, provide 2-3 additional masks so that you have a backup when the mask you are wearing needs to be replaced.

Routinely changing masks also applies when you wear a cloth mask. Do not reuse masks that have been used before washing them. Wash cloth masks using hot water so that they can kill germs that stick to the surface of the cloth.

2. Clean your face after wearing the mask

After a day of doing activities outside the home by wearing a mask, you should clean your face using a facial soap according to your skin type. Choosing facial soap that suits your skin type is important because using the wrong soap can actually trigger acne.

To prevent facial skin from getting irritated and dry, you can also use a facial cleanser that contains ceramides. In addition, this content can also protect the top layer of skin from damage. This is important to do to prevent the skin from experiencing irritation due to rubbing against the mask throughout the day.

3. Use moisturizer

So that facial skin can always be hydrated and not dull, you can apply moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that uses lightweight ingredients and does not contain a lot of oil. If necessary, choose a soothing moisturizing product so that it can soothe red skin due to rubbing against the mask.

4. Use sunscreen

Before you leave the house, don't forget to apply sunscreen for 15 minutes. Use a special facial sunscreen that has an SPF level of 30 or more to prevent skin hyperpigmentation due to sunlight.

In addition, you can also choose sunscreen enriched with titanium and zinc. It is known, these two ingredients are able to prevent facial skin irritation due to the use of masks.

5. Avoid using makeup that is too thick

In order to look prettier even if you wear a mask, you can also do makeup. However, you should use light makeup and not too thick.

If you really have acne, you should avoid using makeup first. This is because makeup can clog skin pores and trigger acne or make acne worse.

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That's how to prevent maskne that you can apply so that your facial skin is free from maskne even if you wear a mask all day long. By doing the methods above, your facial skin will also look clean and healthy and make you more confident. If the maskne that you experience is severe, you should consult a doctor. Do not carelessly treat or squeeze pimples because it can make it worse. The doctor can do an examination and provide facial skin care according to the condition you are experiencing.

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