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How to Keep Your Ears Healthy

Many people do not know how to keep your ears healthy. In fact, if you don't maintain good ear health and hygiene, it can cause hearing and balance problems. So, it is important to keep your ears clean and healthy to prevent various ear problems, such as ear infections, ringing in the ears, to hearing loss, and even sudden deafness.

How to Keep Your Ears Healthy

Not only that, problems with the ears can also disrupt the balance of the body, for example causing vertigo. Therefore, you must maintain good ear health so that the hearing and balance organs continue to function normally.

How to Keep Your Ears Clean and Healthy

As for some ways you can do to maintain ear health are as follows:

1. Don't clean your ears too often

Actually the presence of wax in the ear canal in small amounts is normal. This earwax is formed as a way to protect the ear canal from dirt and dust.

However, sometimes there can be a buildup of earwax that causes itching in the ear and makes the ear feel clogged. That's why many people use cotton buds, hair clips, and even paper clips to clean earwax. Keep in mind, be careful in cleaning the ears, because the habit of cleaning the ears often can actually injure the ears and make earwax go deeper.

The ear actually has a natural way of cleaning its own wax. But if earwax accumulates and makes your ears feel uncomfortable and even interferes with hearing, you should consult an ENT doctor for ear cleaning in the right and safe way.

2. Keep your ears away from loud noises

If you like to listen to music using earphones or headphones, the thing you need to pay attention to is not to use earphones or headphones for 1 hour continuously. It's a good idea to give your ears a break of about 5 minutes before listening to music again.

In addition, avoid listening to music that is too loud for a long period of time, because this habit can damage the ears.

If you work in a noisy environment, such as in a building construction or in a factory, then you should use earplugs to avoid hearing loss.

3. Keep your ears dry

Ear conditions that are too moist and often wet can allow bacteria and fungi to multiply in the ear. This can trigger irritation and infection of the ear. So how do I keep my ears healthy?

If you like swimming, then you should use earplugs so that water does not enter the ear. If while taking a shower you feel that water has entered your ear and interferes with your hearing, then immediately tilt your head so that the water flows out.

In addition, don't forget to always dry your ears using a clean and dry towel after every shower or swim.

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4. Avoid using ear candles

One alternative method for cleaning ears that is quite popular in the community is ear candle therapy.

But in fact, many doctors do not recommend doing this method, because this method has not been proven effective for cleaning ears and it is not clear what benefits it has for ear health.

The use of ear candles is not useful but tends to be dangerous because it can cause ear injuries, such as blocked ear canals and even burns.

5. Perform regular ear examinations

To maintain ear health and detect if there is a problem with the ear, you should do regular ear examinations to an ENT doctor. At the time of the examination, the ENT doctor will check the condition of your ear health and your hearing function by doing a physical examination of your ear and a hearing test.

So, by checking with an ENT doctor regularly, symptoms of ear disease can be detected early and treatment can be done immediately.

If you love your hearing, always keep your ears healthy through the methods above. If there are no complaints about your ears or hearing, then you should do an ear health check to an ENT doctor every 3-5 years.

But if there are complaints in the ear, such as pain in the ear, discharge or blood from the ear, hearing is impaired, then don't delay and immediately go to an ENT doctor to get the right treatment.

Thus the article on how to keep my ears healthy, hopefully the explanation we can write above can be useful.

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