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How Do ENT Doctors Clean Ears

Generally, earwax can come out naturally. However, sometimes the buildup of dirt can cause discomfort. This discomfort makes a person have a habit of cleaning his own ears. They are reluctant to visit an ENT doctor just for problems that are considered trivial. In fact, carelessly cleaning the ears can be dangerous. So the best option is to clean your ears at an ENT doctor, because an ENT doctor can take the right action for your ear hygiene and health. Then, how do ENT doctors clean ears? Before discussing further, I will first discuss some of the risks of cleaning your own ears.

How Do ENT Doctors Clean Ears

Ear Cleaning Risks

The following are some of the risks that may occur if you clean your own ears, especially if the cleaning method is not correct.

1. Serious injury to the ear

Some people choose to clean their ears using ear candles. In fact, cleaning the ears using ear candles can actually cause injury. Using other objects such as paper clips, hair clips, or nail tips can also cause ear injuries.

2. Dirt builds up in the ears

Cleaning the ear using a cotton bud is also risky. Although some dirt can be picked up, some dirt can actually go deeper. This causes the dirt to accumulate in the ear and can interfere with hearing. Even more dangerous if the cotton tip is left in the ear.

How Do ENT Doctors Clean Your Ears

We recommend that you visit an ENT doctor to clean your ears safely. There are several ways that an ENT doctor can do to clean the ears, the following is an explanation.

1. Ear Irrigation

Ear irrigation is one of the most common methods used by ENT doctors to clean the ears. In this method, the ENT doctor uses a liquid or saline solution that is sprayed into the ear using an electric pump. With the right technique, this technique will help remove wax from inside the ear.

In this method the ENT doctor can also use a stronger ear wax remover. Usually, the main ingredient of this ear wax remover contains carbamide peroxide.

2. Microsuction

Microsuction is a method of cleaning the ear which is done using a special tool that can suck up earwax. This earwax suction device can gently scrape the wax contained in the ear canal. Through this Microsuction method, blockages due to the buildup of earwax can be resolved and the auditory canal will be cleaner.

3. Aural Scraping

Aural scraping is an ear cleaning method, in which the ENT doctor will use a small instrument with a loop at the end to scrape and clean earwax.

Although the ear cleaning method performed by an ENT doctor is better than cleaning your own ear, not all of the above methods are suitable for everyone. Therefore, the ENT doctor will usually see the condition of your ears first before determining what method is suitable for cleaning your ears.

After the ear cleaning process is complete, the ENT doctor will usually give advice on how to properly clean your own ears.

Cleaning your own ears is still relatively safe, if only the outside is cleaned. However, if you want to clean the earwax in the deeper part, you should visit an ENT doctor, because the ear canal and eardrum are very sensitive parts of the ear.

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How often do you clean your ears at the ENT doctor?

There are no specific guidelines on how often to clean the ears at the ENT doctor. However, it is recommended that you clean your ears at an ENT doctor if you experience discomfort due to earwax buildup. In addition, if there are symptoms of ear disorders that persist for 3-5 days, then immediately visit an ENT doctor to get the right treatment.

That's an explanation of “how does an ENT doctor clean your ears”. Hopefully the explanation that we have written here can be useful for you.

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