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How to Clean Baby's Ears Safely

Earwax is a normal thing to form and has several benefits for the baby's ears. This earwax is useful for protecting the ears from exposure to dust, keeping the ears dry and free from infection. However, earwax that builds up can make the baby feel uncomfortable. For that it needs to be cleaned. Before you clean them, you need to know how to clean baby's ears safely. Because, if done carelessly can hurt the baby's ears.

How to Clean Baby's Ears Safely

When to Clean Baby Ears

When to clean infant ears? To give baby ears should be done at least once every 2 weeks. If the visible dirt has not accumulated too much, just clean the outside area. No need to clean deep into the hole.

When there is a buildup of earwax which is characterized by a baby who often tugs at his ear, shakes his head and becomes fussy. You should immediately take your child to the doctor for treatment.

How to Clean Your Child's Ears Safely

There are several ways you can do to clean baby's ears. To clean baby's ears safely and correctly, the method is as follows:

1. Using a washcloth and warm water

To clean the baby's ears can use a washcloth. Cleaning the ears using a washcloth is a method that is often recommended by doctors because this method is considered the safest. However, this method should only be used for the outer ear.

How to use, can be by wetting a clean washcloth using warm water. After that, squeeze the washcloth thoroughly to prevent water from entering the baby's ears. Next, gently clean the outside of the baby's ear with the washcloth.

Avoid using a washcloth that is too wet and avoid squeezing the washcloth near the baby's ear canal as this can cause water to enter the ear.

2. Using ear drops

In addition to using a washcloth and warm water, cleaning the baby's ears can also be done using ear drops. How to safely clean baby earwax using these ear drops should not be careless. You need to consult with your doctor first to determine the type and dose of drops that are suitable for the baby's condition.

If your doctor does prescribe ear drops, here's how to use them.

  • Wash your hands until they are clean.
  • Prepare ear drops according to the information in the instructions for use.
  • Make sure the baby is calm.
  • Lay the baby on his side so that the ear to be cleaned is facing up.
  • Gently pull the baby's earlobe to straighten the position of the ear canal.
  • Drop the ear drops into the baby's ear as much as the doctor recommends
  • Hold the baby in position for 5-10 minutes to ensure that the ear drops are completely in the ear.
  • After that, turn the baby's position with the ear that has been given ear drops facing down.

Things to avoid when cleaning baby's ears

To be safer when cleaning baby's ears, there are several things that need to be avoided:

1. Use of cotton buds

When cleaning baby's ears, the first thing you need to avoid is the use of cotton buds. Cleaning the ear using a cotton bud can actually risk making earwax even more pushed into the baby's ear.

2. Cleaning ears with fingers

It's best to avoid cleaning your ears using your fingers, even if your fingers are clean. This is because cleaning the ears using fingers can make the baby's ears hurt and infected.

If the above methods do not succeed in making the baby's ears clean, then immediately consult an ENT doctor. So, later the doctor will prescribe other ear drops, or maybe perform an ear cleaning procedure using an earwax suction device.

Thus the article on how to safely clean infant ears, hopefully the article we have written here can be useful.

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