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How to Protect Your Child's Eyes

There are various impacts that can be felt by children if they experience eye health problems ranging from difficulty reading to obstruction in learning various things. For that we need to do a few things about how to protect your child's eyes.

How to Protect Your Child's Eyes

Eyes are a window to the world. That is why maintaining children's eye health is important, because it plays an important role in the child's growth and development process. Even a mother can take care of her child's eye health since she is still in the womb.

How to Protect Your Child's Eyes

There are several ways that parents can do to maintain the health of their child's eyes.

1. Visual stimulation of the child

How to Keep Toddler Eyes Healthy? There are various ways you can stimulate your child's vision so that it can develop properly. One way is to provide interesting toys with various shapes and colors. Keep making sure the toys provided are safe for your child.

2. Use sunglasses when outdoors

We recommend that children use sunglasses when doing activities in the hot sun for a long time. This aims to prevent the negative impact of direct sunlight exposure to the eye which can cause damage to the cornea and retina of the eye. In addition, you can prevent your children from doing outdoor activities when the sun is very hot.

3. Limit the use of gadgets

Now gadgets are difficult to separate from children. In fact, excessive use of gadgets can have a negative impact on the eyes, such as tired eyes, dry eyes and minus eyes.

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To prevent this, parents should limit their children's use of gadgets to 1-2 hours per day. Give an explanation to the child about the portion of time using the gadget with a concept that is easy for your child to understand. Ensure that time for using gadgets does not interfere with school obligations, time for meals, time for family, and time for sleeping children.

4. Eat nutritious foods

Actually, consumption of nutritious food to maintain eye health can be done since the child is still in the womb.

When pregnant, mothers are advised to eat foods that contain vitamin A and omega-3, such as carrots, salmon, spinach and sweet potatoes. After the child can eat a variety of foods other than breast milk, then how to keep baby eyes healthy? Mothers can provide foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, omega 3, and zinc, including green vegetables, eggs, milk and nuts.

5. Routinely check the eye health of children

Another way to maintain your child's eye health that you can do is to regularly check your child's eye health at an eye doctor, which is once every 2 years.

This aims to prevent and treat eye disorders that may be experienced by children. The sooner it is detected, it is hoped that the disturbance can be resolved quickly.

Those are some of how to protect your child's eyes that we can write about. In addition, parents need to support eye health and visual function of children by ensuring that children get adequate rest time. If you suspect your child has eye health problems, you should consult an eye doctor to get the right treatment.

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