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How to Deal With Tired Eyes

Tired eyes are an eye disorder caused by using the eyes for a long time without resting. Tired eyes often make you feel uncomfortable and can interfere with daily activities, especially if this condition occurs during activities such as working, studying, or while driving a vehicle. Then how to deal with tired eyes? Generally, tired eyes are not a serious problem and can go away on their own after you rest.

How to Deal With Tired Eyes

Tired eyes can be recognized by several symptoms that often occur, including:

  • The eyes are watery or feel dry
  • The eye feels sore, painful and itchy
  • The eye is more sensitive to light
  • The vision appears blurry or shadowed.

In addition, the symptoms of tired eyes can also spread to other parts of the body, such as pain in the neck, shoulders, back, and even headaches. Some of these symptoms will be more pronounced if you are sleep deprived, because adequate sleep is very important for the eyes. During sleep, the eyes will also rest and get nutrients to repair the tissues in the eyes, so that eye fatigue can be resolved. Lack of sleep is the same as disrupting or reducing the resting process of the eye.

Usually, tired eyes can be caused by several factors, including the following:

  • Read for a long time
  • Staring at a gadget or computer screen for a long time
  • Drive a vehicle the long distance
  • Exposed to blinding or too bright light
  • Continuous viewing in low light
  • Refractive disorders of the eye.

How to Deal With Tired Looking Eyes

Generally, tired eyes are closely related to a person's activity or work. The following are some things you can do to prevent eye fatigue:

1. Reducing eye strain while reading

If your eyes feel too tired while reading, blink frequently. If necessary, take a break from reading for a moment so your eyes can rest. Close your eyes and massage your temples for a few minutes to reduce eye fatigue. Don't forget to adjust the ideal lighting for your eyes when reading.

2. Reducing eye fatigue when staring at a computer screen

How to deal with tired red eyes when in front of a computer screen? When your eyes feel tired while in front of a computer screen, then increase the screen resolution and reduce the room lighting. Then adjust the contrast and font size. Always keep a safe distance between the eyes and the computer screen, which is about 50-60 cm so that the distance between the eyes and the computer screen is ideal, you should use a chair that can be positioned.

In addition, looking away from the computer screen for a few moments can also help reduce eye fatigue. Some people need to wear glasses when reading or use a computer to treat tired eyes.

3. How to stop tired eyes when driving

When you're driving a car and your eyes feel tired, stop for a moment so your eyes can rest. In addition, make sure the windshield is always clean as this will help the eyes see clearly. In addition, you can wear glasses to help reduce eye strain that occurs when driving during the day. It is recommended to choose eyeglass lenses that have anti-ultraviolet light features.


If your eyes feel dry and blinking doesn't help, eye drops can be used to help treat dry and tired eyes. In addition, you can also close your eyes and then compress them with a washcloth soaked in warm water. Then how to overcome tiredness due to tired eyes? You can stand and stretch your arms, shoulders, back and legs so that it can help reduce fatigue in the body. That's how to manage tiredness, give it a try.

Make sure you always give pause in the middle of activity, so that your eyes can rest, because your eyes also need rest. If with how to deal with tired eyes above you still feel the symptoms of tired eyes that don't get better, you should immediately consult a ophthalmologists.

That's an article about eye health that we can write on this occasion, hopefully it can be useful.

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