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How to Prevent Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by damage to the nerves in the eye due to increased pressure inside the eyeball. Usually this disease occurs slowly, without any symptoms in the early days. But over time the sufferer will experience a decrease in vision even if it is very severe, they can experience loss of vision (blind).

How to Prevent Glaucoma

Vision loss that occurs due to glaucoma can no longer be cured. But the development of glaucoma can be prevented and can be stopped progress by doing several ways how to prevent glaucoma properly. That way, the damage will not get worse and the remaining eye function can still be maintained.

How to Prevent Glaucoma from Worsening

To prevent glaucoma, you can do several ways how to prevent glaucoma naturally. You can do this natural way to help prevent severity and to maintain eye health.

1. Consume high nutritious foods

Consuming nutritious foods can help maintain eye health. So to maintain eye health, you should consume high nutritious foods that are good for eye health, such as foods containing vitamins A, C and E, containing zinc, selenium and antioxidants.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can help reduce eye pressure in open-angle glaucoma. However, not all types of exercise are how to prevent glaucoma in humans. So consult an ophthalmologist about the right type of exercise to prevent glaucoma.

3. Limit consumption of caffeine

Consuming excessive amounts of caffeine can increase eye pressure and can worsen glaucoma. So for that, don't consume excess caffeine so that eye health can be more awake.

4. Drink water frequently

Furthermore, how to prevent glaucoma progression can often drink water. Drinking water in smaller amounts but more often can prevent pressure build-up in the eyes, when compared to consuming large amounts of water but only occasionally.

5. Sleep with your head slightly elevated

Sleeping with your head slightly raised, about 20 degrees, is considered to help reduce pressure on the eyeballs during sleep. This sleeping position is how to prevent glaucoma from getting worse. So from now on, get used to sleeping with your head slightly raised.

6. Reduces stress

Stress is a risk factor for acute angle closure glaucoma. So by reducing stress you can lower your risk of getting glaucoma. You can use a variety of relaxation techniques to help reduce your risk of developing acute angle closure glaucoma, such as doing yoga and meditation.

How to prevent glaucoma of the eye should be done as early as possible, before glaucoma or before the eye condition gets worse. If your eyes feel uncomfortable or have vision problems, consult an ophthalmologist immediately to get the right treatment.

You should consult an ophthalmologist if you experience conditions like the following.

  • Eye pain
  • The view narrows
  • Look at the circles around glowing objects
  • Blurred vision
  • Redness of the eyes
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Loss of sight.

That's an explanation of how to prevent glaucoma. Prevention is better than cure, so it's best to prevent disease as early as possible so that you can live a healthy life. Hopefully what we have written in this blog can be useful for you.

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