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How to Make Your Hair Smell Good

Hair is a crown for a woman. Many women are willing to style their hair to be beautiful. But what is the point of having beautiful but unscented hair? For that, do the following simple things to make your hair not only look beautiful but also smell good throughout the day. Here is how to make your hair smell good.

How to Make Your Hair Smell Good

How to Make Your Hair Smell Good All Day

There are a few tips to keep your hair smelling good throughout the day.

1. Wash your hair regularly

The main cause of bad odor in hair is due to poor hygiene. Although washing your hair every day is not recommended. Try washing your hair every 2 days or when your hair is dirty so that it is kept clean and has natural moisture.

Hair that is rarely washed can result in hair problems such as bad odor, dandruff, and hair loss. For that, try to wash your hair regularly. But also don't be too frequent, because washing your hair with shampoo every day can erode the scalp's natural moisture.

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2. Use a shampoo and conditioner that smells the same

How to make your hair smell good with shampoo and conditioner? Using a shampoo that smells the same as a conditioner makes the fragrant scent last longer in the hair. Choose a shampoo and conditioner with the same brand, because even though they have a similar fragrance if different brands will make the two different.

Also choose a shampoo that not only smells nice but also suits your hair. Because the problem of hair smells bad, it can also be due to the mistake of choosing a shampoo that does not match the hair, resulting in problems on the scalp.

3. Using a hair mask

How to make your hair smell good without washing it? You can do this by using a hair mask. Hair masks are not only useful for overcoming hair problems, but also giving fragrance to hair. You can choose a natural hair mask with a mixture of fruit and honey which will make your hair fresher. That's how to make your hair smell good naturally.

4. Using hair perfume

How to make your hair smell good after washing it? You can use hair perfume to keep your hair smelling good. Hair perfume is usually enriched with a formula that is friendly to hair and has good benefits for hair.

Even so, hair care with natural ingredients is still in great demand. Not only because the price is more economical, but because the ingredients are not harmful to hair.

You can make hair perfume from natural ingredients using a mixture of cinnamon and water. If you have dry hair, you can mix cinnamon, aloe vera, olive oil and water to make hair perfume.

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5. Using essential oils

How to make your hair smell good with essential oils? There are many essential oils that are antimicrobial in nature that can help prevent infections of the scalp (which can cause bad odor in the hair). Lavender, tea tree, vanilla, and peppermint oils are all good choices. Add 2-3 drops of the essential oil of your choice to a cup of water then massage your scalp using the mixture. Leave it for about 20 minutes then wash your hair with shampoo.

Alternatively, you can add essential oils to your shampoo. For every 30 ml of shampoo, add 2 drops of essential oil.

6. Pay attention to the cleanliness of hair tools

Do you still remember the last time you cleaned the comb? Or when was the last time you changed your shampooing towel? If you forget about it, it means the hair odor problem from this thing. Sometimes we underestimate the cleanliness of the comb because we think it is not harmful to hair. Combs can harbor bacteria that cause odor in hair. For this reason, cleaning the comb after use can help you keep your hair clean and avoid bad odors in your hair.

That's an explanation of how to make your hair smell good. Hopefully the explanation above can be useful. If the methods above cannot solve the problem of bad odor in your hair, immediately consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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