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How to Deal With Dry Hair

How to deal with dry hair you can do to make your hair healthier. Hair that looks dry will make you feel less confident because it looks duller, harder to style, less nutritious and more brittle. But you don't worry. Because there are several ways you can treat dry hair. By applying the right care, hair will be more manageable and look healthier.

How to Deal With Dry Hair

To deal with dry hair, you must use the right shampoo and conditioner. Apart from that, you can also use natural hair care ingredients, such as olive oil and coconut oil, to make your hair more moisturized and manageable.

How to Deal With Dry Hair

Here are some ways you can treat dry hair:

1. Don't wash your hair too often

For those of you who have dry hair, avoid washing your hair every day because habits like this can actually make hair dry and damaged. You should wash your hair 1-2 times a week, or wash it when your hair feels dirty.

2. Use a special dry hair shampoo

When you wash your hair, use a mild shampoo made specifically for dry hair. Because, using regular shampoo may not affect the condition of dry hair and no improvement occurs.

Therefore, use a special shampoo for dry hair. This type of shampoo usually has a special formula that can reduce the condition of dry hair. Generally, shampoo for dry hair contains natural oils in the form of olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, or artificial oils, such as dimethiconol, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, and amodimethicone.

Avoid using shampoos that contain sulfates, and choose shampoos that contain very little detergent. In addition, avoid shampoo products that contain alcohol, as they can dry out your hair.

3. Use conditioner after shampooing

After washing your hair with shampoo, use a conditioner that is suitable for dry hair. Conditioners can keep your hair culturally healthy and keep the natural oil levels in your hair. In addition, conditioner can also make hair moisturized and healthier.

The way to use conditioner is to apply it to the ends and hair shaft, which are usually more prone to dryness.

Leave it on for 20-30 minutes, do not rinse immediately so that the conditioner content can be absorbed properly by the hair strands.

Try not to apply too much conditioner to your scalp as this can make your scalp oily.

4. Apply natural oil

How to treat dry hair naturally? You can do this by applying oil from natural ingredients to dry hair. Olive oil is one of the natural oils that can retain moisture in hair, as well as soften and strengthen hair down to the roots.

Apart from olive oil, you can also use coconut oil to treat dry hair. Coconut oil is believed to moisturize hair and protect it from damage.

5. Limit use of hair styling tools

How to manage dry hair? To treat and prevent dry hair, you are advised to limit the use of hair styling tools, such as hair dryers, curling irons, and irons that provide heat to the hair. Frequent use of styling tools can damage your hair.

6. Provide adequate protection for hair

Protect your hair from heat and sun exposure for too long. If the weather is hot, wear a hat when you are outdoors. You can also wear a head covering while showering or when swimming in the pool or sea, to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water.

7. Eat healthy foods

How to treat frizzy dry hair in addition to the above methods? The method is not only to do care from the outside, but also to treat your hair from the inside, namely by eating healthy foods, such as salmon. Consuming salmon can help make hair healthier, stronger and shiny. In addition, you can eat spinach to treat brittle hair, and guava to prevent hair damage.

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Please try how to treat damaged dry hair. However, if the dry hair problem does not improve, immediately consult a doctor so that it can be found out and given the right treatment according to the condition of your hair. Hopefully the article on how to deal with dry hair above can be useful.

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