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How to Treat Lower Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

Is it normal for lower abdomen to be sore during pregnancy? Lower abdominal pain during pregnancy is a normal condition that is often experienced, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy. But in some pregnant women, this pain can be felt until the third trimester. This pain can be felt on both sides of the abdomen or only on one side, especially the right side.

How to Treat Lower Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

Then what to do for lower abdominal pain during pregnancy? Maybe you are a pregnant woman who often feels pain in the lower abdomen that radiates to the pelvis and groin? Let's look at how to treat lower abdominal pain during pregnancy.

Causes of Lower Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

The cause of lower abdominal pain in pregnancy is because the ligaments expand. Ligaments are connective tissue that supports the uterus that can maintain the position of the uterus. The increasing size of the uterus during pregnancy makes the ligaments expand, causing pain in the lower abdomen. Lower abdominal pain is usually more common in the first pregnancy.

Lower abdominal pain usually lasts only a few seconds or minutes. Even so, lower abdominal pain will usually appear repeatedly. The pain will be more pronounced if the pregnant woman makes sudden movements. For example, a pregnant woman suddenly sneezes, coughs, laughs, stands or rolls over in bed.

How to Relieve Lower Abdominal Pain during Pregnancy

Generally, how to deal with lower abdominal pain during pregnancy can be done alone at home. Here are some ways this can be done:

1. Exercise regularly

In addition to doing yoga, pregnant women can also do sports such as a leisurely walk around the house. It is also possible for pregnant women to stretch such as kneeling and upturning positions in a few seconds or minutes.

But keep in mind, that some exercise movements can actually aggravate lower abdominal pain. Therefore, you should consult a doctor first to find out which movements are safe to do.

2. Use a warm compress

How to relieve lower abdominal pain in pregnancy can be by placing a warm compress on the lower abdomen. The trick is to put a towel that has been dipped in warm water, to the part that feels pain.

In addition, pregnant women can also compress the lower abdomen using a plastic bottle filled with warm water and then wrapped in a towel or cloth. However, the thing to remember is not to let the temperature be too hot, because if it is too hot it can harm the fetus.

3. Make changes to adapt

If the pain occurs when the pregnant woman wakes up from bed by rolling over to the side of the bed, try getting up slowly. In addition, if a pregnant woman coughs or sneezes, bend over slightly to reduce the pull on the ligaments around the uterus.

4. Take painkillers

If necessary, pregnant women can consult a doctor to find out if pregnant women are allowed to take painkillers. The thing to remember is not to take medicines carelessly without a prescription from a doctor, because the medicines consumed by pregnant women can cause side effects for the fetus they contain.

Immediately consult a doctor if pregnant women experience this pain accompanied by fever, pain when urinating, difficulty walking, and bleeding from the vagina.

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That's an explanation of how to deal with lower abdominal pain in pregnancy that we can convey. Although the pain can subside with independent treatment, pregnant women still need to see a doctor to ensure the health of the womb.

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