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How to Treat Typhoid during Pregnancy

How to treat typhoid during pregnancy must be done carefully. This is because not all medicines are safe to take during pregnancy. So, what to do if you get typhoid during pregnancy? See the explanation in this article.

How to Treat Typhoid during Pregnancy

Typhoid can be transmitted easily so that when you are pregnant you can also get typhoid. Pregnant women can get typhoid if they eat food or drink that has been contaminated with feces or urine containing Salmonella typhi bacteria.

How to Treat Typhoid in Pregnancy

When pregnant women are exposed to typhoid, they will generally experience a high fever with a temperature between 39-40 degrees Celsius, cough, headache, nausea, loss of appetite, stomach pain, constipation, feeling tired, to the appearance of a rash on the skin. Usually the symptoms of typhoid will appear gradually 1-3 weeks after the body is infected.

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If you experience these symptoms during pregnancy, contact your doctor immediately. The doctor will perform several examinations, such as examination of urine, stool, or Widal test to determine the possibility of typhoid that you suffer from.

If the results of the examination show that you contracted typhoid during pregnancy, generally the doctor will suggest several things as a form of how to cure typhoid during pregnancy:

1. Taking antibiotics

To help kill the bacteria that cause typhoid, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Take antibiotics in accordance with the doctor's recommendations, especially the dosage and drinking schedule. If after taking antibiotics you develop allergic symptoms in the form of coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath, then immediately consult a doctor again to get further treatment.

2. Keep the diet

During pregnancy you must maintain a good diet in order to recover from typhoid. If you experience nausea while eating, try to divide your meal into several smaller portions to be consumed several times. That way, the occurrence of vomiting can be minimized.

3. Drink enough water

The next way to overcome typhoid during pregnancy is to consume enough water. This is important to do to prevent dehydration.

4. Get enough rest

Make sure you get enough rest during typhoid treatment. If you have trouble sleeping, try to position your head higher using stacked pillows so you feel more comfortable while sleeping.

Typhoid treatment during pregnancy must be done immediately. If it is handled too late, then this typhoid disease can cause complications, and can even cause miscarriage.

In addition, if the typhoid disease suffered during pregnancy does not get proper treatment immediately, the risk of giving birth prematurely or giving birth to a baby with low weight will also increase.

How to Prevent Typhoid

Knowing how to treat typhoid in pregnant woman is important, but knowing how to prevent typhoid is equally important. This is because prevention is better than cure.

Well, so that when you are pregnant you can avoid typhoid, there are several preventive steps you can take, including:

1. Wash hands before eating

One of the simplest ways to prevent typhoid disease during pregnancy is to make it a habit to wash your hands before eating and after you get out of the toilet. In addition, you are also advised to always wash your hands after riding public transportation.

2. Eating cooked food

To prevent typhoid during pregnancy, you are advised to avoid consuming raw foods. In addition, try to eat food or drinks that you make yourself at home because they are more hygienic.

3. Wash fruits and vegetables before consuming

If during pregnancy you want to eat foods that do not need to be cooked, such as fruit and fresh vegetables, don't forget to wash them first until they are clean. This aims to prevent exposure to Salmonella typhi bacteria. Especially for fruit, before you consume it, the skin should be peeled first.

4. Choose good drinking water

You should choose to drink mineral water that has been cooked to a boil or bottled mineral water. Avoid ice made from water that is difficult to ensure clean.

To prevent typhoid during pregnancy, it is important for you to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. If you experience typhoid symptoms during pregnancy, then how to treat typhoid during pregnancy should immediately consult a doctor to get the right treatment.

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