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How to Treat Fever in Newborns

Fever in infants is a common condition. However, you need to be careful if a newborn baby who is under 3 months old has a fever. If this is allowed, the condition of fever in newborns can be very dangerous for their health. For that you must know how to treat fever in newborns.

How to Treat Fever in Newborns

Sometimes parents feel that their baby has a fever just from checking with the touch of the hand. In fact, to determine whether the baby has a fever or not, it takes body temperature measurement using a thermometer.

When a baby has a fever, it will usually also show other symptoms, such as not wanting to breastfeed, being fussy, not moving too much, and having trouble sleeping.

How to Check Fever for Newborn Baby

Fever in babies is a symptom that often makes parents feel worried. A newborn can be said to have a fever if his body temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius. How to find fever for newborn baby is to use a thermometer.

You can use a digital thermometer that is placed in the baby's armpit to determine his temperature. Wait between 2-4 minutes until the thermometer beeps and the results appear. If the results of the thermometer show that the baby has a fever, then you should immediately take him to the doctor.

Causes of Fever in Newborns

The cause of fever in newborns is generally caused by infection. But besides being caused by infection, fever in newborns can also be caused by dehydration, a side effect of vaccination, or stifling heat from wearing clothes that are too tight and closed. In addition, babies who are too long exposed to the sun can also be at risk of developing a fever.

To find out the cause of fever in newborns, doctors need to do a thorough examination. The examinations carried out include a physical examination and supporting examinations, such as blood tests, urine tests, blood cultures, and X-rays. The results of these examinations will then be used to determine the method used to treat fever.

Not all babies can be treated using the same method. For example, if the baby has a fever due to a bacterial infection, the doctor will give him antibiotics. If the fever in the baby is due to dehydration, the baby needs to get more breast milk. If the baby has a fever due to severe dehydration, the doctor will give fluids through an IV.

How to Treat Fever in Newborns

Keep in mind, a fever that occurs in a newborn or under 3 months old can be a sign of a serious illness. Therefore, when you know your baby has a fever, you should do the following:

  • Immediately take your baby to the doctor or to the nearest hospital emergency unit.
  • Do not give medicine to reduce fever, except on the advice of a doctor.
  • Do not swaddle the baby with blankets or excessive clothing.
  • Make sure the room temperature is comfortable for the baby, not too hot and not too cold.

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If a fever in a newborn is accompanied by other symptoms, such as shortness of breath, seizures, bluish lips or nails, yellow skin, very weak, and no tears when crying, immediately consult a pediatrician to get the right treatment. Thus an explanation of how to treat fever in newborns may be useful.

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