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How to Prevent Flu during winter

Usually during winter we become more susceptible to disease. One of the diseases that are often experienced in winter is flu. However, don't worry because here we will share about how to prevent flu during winter.

How to Prevent Flu during winter

Various studies state that during winter the flu virus will multiply and spread more quickly. That is the reason why during winter this virus spreads more quickly from person to person. In addition, cold air can also make the body's immune system decrease so that the flu virus will be easier to infect.

Decreased immune system in winter can be caused because the body lacks vitamin D due to infrequent exposure to sunlight. Lack of vitamin D can make the immune system weaken, so it will be easier to get flu.

How to Prevent Flu in winter

If you don't want to get sick with the flu, there are several things you can do to prevent the flu, especially during winter.

1. Wash your hands regularly

Getting into the habit of washing hands after touching dirty objects and before eating and has been proven to be effective in preventing flu.

It's best to wash your hands with soap and water. Rub all over your hands, including your wrists, between your fingers, fingertips, and nails, for 20 seconds or more. If you don't have soap and water, you can use a hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of more than 60%.

2. Don't touch your face when your hands are dirty

The flu virus can enter the body through the nose, mouth and eyes, usually due to dirty hands touching these areas of the face. Therefore, you should make it a habit not to touch the face area before washing your hands.

3. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can increase endurance, so you will not be susceptible to disease. The sports you can do include jogging, aerobics or yoga. Do exercise regularly every day, for 20-30 minutes every day.

4. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can increase stress hormones and can make the immune system weak so that the body will be vulnerable to being attacked by viruses. Therefore, sleep with sufficient time every night between 7-9 hours so that your immune system is strong.

5. Eat and drink nutritious

Eating nutritious foods can also boost the immune system. Therefore, from now on, consume fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, consume more protein such as eggs, fish, and meat to strengthen the immune system.

You can also consume herbal drinks made from herbal plants that have natural anti-inflammatory effects such as ginger and red ginger.

6. Stop smoking

Cigarette smoke can cause the respiratory tract to become dry and inflamed. As a result, dust, germs and viruses in the respiratory tract will be more difficult to get out.

A heavy smoker will more easily and often get the flu, usually accompanied by more severe symptoms than a non-smoker. Not only heavy smokers, passive smokers can also be more susceptible to flu because of irritation in the respiratory tract.

7. Wearing a mask

The flu virus can spread into the air through splashes of phlegm or saliva when someone with the flu sneezes or coughs. Therefore, to prevent the flu virus from being inhaled, wear a mask covering the nose and mouth.

For those of you who are currently experiencing the flu, you should always wear a mask when interacting with other people or when in public places. This is so that the flu you are experiencing does not spread to other people.

8. Getting the flu vaccine

The flu vaccine is one of the important steps that need to be taken for prevention so as not to get flu easily. The flu vaccine can prevent flu with severe symptoms and recurring flu.

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So that you avoid the flu, especially during winter, you should apply how to avoid flu during winter above. However, if you still often get the flu and the flu that you experience does not go away, you should check with your doctor to get the right treatment.

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