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How to Get Rid Of Headaches after Giving Birth

Behind the happy feeling of having given birth to a baby into the world, not a few women complain of headaches after giving birth. Generally, this condition is harmless, but it can also be a sign of a health problem. For that, let's identify the causes and also how to get rid of headaches after giving birth.

How to Get Rid Of Headaches after Giving Birth

After giving birth, there are about 40% of women who complain of headaches. Headaches after childbirth will usually occur in the first 6-8 weeks after the delivery process. The sensation of the headache that is felt varies, for example feeling pressure, tension, throbbing, prickling and can be felt all over the head or only on the sides.

Causes of Headaches after Childbirth

Usually after giving birth, the hormone estrogen can experience a significant decrease. This decrease in the hormone estrogen can trigger headaches. The tendency to experience headaches after giving birth can also be influenced by heredity from the family.

In addition, there are also several other things that can trigger headaches after giving birth, including the following:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Side effects of the anesthetic used during childbirth
  • Depression after giving birth
  • Dehydration due to not drinking enough while breastfeeding
  • Sudden cessation of caffeine consumption
  • Environmental factors, such as the air being too cold

Generally, headaches after childbirth are harmless, but they can also be a sign of health problems ranging from mild to serious. Minor health problems such as allergies and sinusitis while serious health problems such as preeclampsia, meningitis, and blockage of veins in the brain.

How to Get Rid Of Headaches after Giving Birth

Of course, having a headache after giving birth will interfere with your activities. In addition to feeling uncomfortable, you will also lose focus on caring for your baby. However, you don't have to worry. If the headaches you experience are still mild, here are some tips for dealing with headaches after giving birth.

1. Enough rest

Taking care of a newborn baby will certainly take a lot of time. However, do not let you lack rest. Try to sleep while your baby is sleeping. In addition, try to set aside a nap time of approximately 30 minutes to recharge energy.

So that you can sleep better, you should put your cellphone away, turn off the lights and the TV. This method can make the headache you feel will gradually disappear.

2. Consume healthy food and adequate fluid intake

So that the body is more energized and headaches can subside, make sure you always consume healthy foods such as fish, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits. In addition, to increase blood sugar levels, especially when you are late to eat you can eat sweet snacks.

To meet your fluid intake, drink plenty of water. That way the body will stay hydrated and the annoying headache will subside.

3. Consume a little caffeine

Headaches can occur due to dilated blood vessels in the brain. Well, caffeine has properties to constrict blood vessels. So, to relieve the headaches you experience, you can consume caffeine.

On the sidelines of your break, drink a cup of hot coffee or tea, because coffee and tea contain caffeine. However, make sure you don't consume too much caffeine. We recommend limiting 1-2 cups of coffee or 2-3 cups of tea per day.

4. Use a warm or cold compress

One easy way to deal with headaches after childbirth is to apply warm or cold compresses. To do this, simply dip a towel in warm or cold water and then wring out the water. After that stick the towel to your head until you feel more comfortable.

5. Doing activities you like

Take your time to do activities that you like, such as reading books, relaxing walks, exercising, talking with friends and taking a warm bath. By doing activities that you like, your body will feel more relaxed and muscle tension will be reduced so that the headaches you experience will subside.

6. Taking pain relievers

To deal with headaches after giving birth, you can take pain relievers. However, you need to be careful because not all pain relievers are safe for consumption by mothers who are breastfeeding. For that it would be nice before taking painkillers, you should consult with your doctor first.

That's how to get rid of headaches after giving birth. If you have tried the above methods but the headaches you experience have not subsided, then you should check with your doctor to get the right handler.

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