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How to Clean Tartar on Teeth

How to clean tartar on teeth must be done as soon as possible. If left untreated, tartar can cause various problems in the teeth and gums.

How to Clean Tartar on Teeth

Tooth tartar is caused by the buildup of dental plaque, which hardens and grows gradually. Dental plaque is formed due to the accumulation of food debris which then becomes a nest for bacteria to develop. If not cleaned, plaque can cause tartar to form.

Leaving tartar for too long can cause various problems such as the appearance of bad breath, more sensitive teeth, cavities, gingivitis, and tooth loss. Therefore, how to remove tartar needs to be done as soon as possible.

How to Reduce Tartar on Teeth Naturally

How to remove hardened tartar can only be done by dentists by scaling the teeth. But you can apply the following tips to reduce the risk of dental plaque buildup which is the origin of tartar formation.

1. Maintain healthy teeth and mouth

The simplest way to prevent tartar from appearing is to brush your teeth. We recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste that contains fluoride. So that the health of your teeth and mouth can be maximized, you also need to clean between your teeth using dental floss.

Apart from brushing your teeth regularly and using dental floss, you can also use an antiseptic mouthwash to remove plaque. In this way, the tartar will not form easily.

2. Using baking soda

How to reduce tartar on teeth can use baking soda. Baking soda has antibacterial properties that can erode tartar-causing plaque without damaging the enamel. Several studies have shown that toothpaste containing this ingredient may be more effective at reducing the amount of plaque in the mouth than regular toothpaste.

3. Take advantage of coconut oil

How to clean tartar teeth at home can also use coconut oil. If you have coconut oil at home, you can use it to reduce tartar-causing plaque. The content of antioxidants and lauric acid contained in it can eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth.

How to use coconut oil is quite easy. Put one tablespoon of warm coconut oil in your mouth and use it to rinse your mouth for 5-10 minutes. After you finish gargling, throw the coconut oil out of your mouth. But don't throw it in the sink as it can clog the pipes.

If coconut oil is not available, you can use olive oil, sesame oil, and almond oil as alternatives.

4. Check your teeth and mouth to the dentist regularly

How to clean tartar off teeth can check the health of your teeth and mouth to the dentist. Examination of the teeth and mouth is very important to prevent and treat plaque and tartar.

You are advised to have your teeth checked by the dentist at least every six months. But if you are already experiencing tooth and gum problems then you should check with the dentist more often because you have a higher risk of plaque and tartar.

Then how to clean tartar between teeth? At the dentist's place, your teeth will be cleaned thoroughly until they are between your teeth.

The method commonly used by dentists to treat tartar is tooth scaling. This procedure is divided into 2 techniques, namely manual techniques and using ultrasonic machines.

Usually manual tooth scaling techniques are used to treat thin or small amounts of tartar. Meanwhile, tooth scaling using an ultrasonic machine is carried out if the number of tartar is too much.

5. Eat fruits and vegetables

How to clean tartar from teeth naturally can often eat fruits and vegetables. This is because fruits and vegetables can help the mouth produce saliva which can clean the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar.

In addition, you can also do how to scrape tartar off teeth at home by chewing gum. By chewing gum, saliva production will increase. The saliva that is produced when you chew gum can get rid of bacteria from your teeth so that the teeth will be clean of plaque and tartar.

6. Using whitening strips

Whitening strips are plastic sheets containing hydrogen peroxide and other active ingredients. This teeth whitening tool can also be said to be useful for reducing plaque and tartar.

Based on research, people who use whitening strips every day for three months are more able to reduce the risk of tartar compared to people who only brush their teeth regularly. However, the use of whitening strips still needs to be considered carefully because improper use can damage teeth.

That is an explanation of how to clean black tartar off teeth that you can try. Hopefully the explanation about how to treat tartar on teeth above can be useful. For proper treatment, we recommend that you check your dental health at the dentist.

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